Killing, Scrubbing & Removing the Evidence: How the Murder of Mold Unfolds

Killing organic organisms is something you are usually not supposed to do. However, where mold is concerned, you definitely want and need to kill it. Mold removal services spend their days murdering mold, scrubbing things up, and removing the evidence that mold was ever there. Here is how this "murder" plays out, again and again, and how it will play out with the mold in your home.  Killing It Softly Read More 

3 Tips For Preserving Your Property After A Major Leak

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, plumbing failures are the leading cause of residential and commercial water damage. If you are cleaning up after a major leak, follow these tips to preserve your property and protect yourself from injury. 1. Do not attempt to restore electronics on your own. If your electronics were plugged in when the leak occurred, they may be beyond repair due to the severe damage that water can do to electrical circuits. Read More 

Home Mold Can Affect Your Health In Many Ways

Many people think of mold as more of a nuisance than anything else. Mold is seen more as a sign that a certain part of the house is damp than anything else. It may damage a few clothing items, but it's not likely to do much else, right? As it turns out, mold is not as innocent as it seems. Many people are unaware of how dangerous mold can be because it's often dealt with quickly. Read More 

4 Reasons Why It’s Better To Remove And Replace Your Existing Roof Instead Of Overlaying It With New Shingles

When you decide to replace your asphalt shingle roof, you have the option of either removing your roof and replacing it or overlaying your existing roof with a new layer of shingles. When you overlay your roof, you won't have to pay the labor costs associated with removing your current roof — this can save you a significant amount of money on roof replacement. However, overlaid roofs can experience a number of problems that typically make a complete roof removal and replacement a better decision. Read More 

Basement Waterproofing: Three Things You Should Know

If you have water leaking into your basement, you will want to take steps to resolve the problem and prevent further damage to your home. Water can come into your basement in several ways, so knowing the source of the problem is the first step toward finding a solution. Here are just a few things you should know about leaks in your basement and how to prevent them. Gutter Systems Read More