3 Types Of Shower Doors To Consider

One of the hardest parts about remodeling a shower is trying to figure which type of shower door is the best option for your bathroom, mostly because there are quite a few different ones on the market. Each offers its own unique set of benefits and advantages. When choosing a shower door, you should consider sliding, pivot, and frameless shower doors. Sliding Sliding shower doors are among the most common types of shower door due to the fact that they are among the least expensive options out there. Read More 

Don’t Rain on Your Parade: 4 Reasons to Call In Water Damage Professionals

Water damage is something that can affect your home anytime, anywhere. Whether it's from a flood or a leaky faucet, the damage water causes adds up quickly. While you might think you can save time and money by cleaning up this mess on your own, you may only be creating more problems. Regardless of how extensive the water damage to your home is, the only way to ensure there is no further damage is by calling in the professionals. Read More 

Home Repairs Best Left To The Professionals

Many homeowners may take on repairs and home improvement tasks in an effort to save some money, but the truth is, it could end up costing far more. There are some times when it makes the most sense to call a professional to take care of the restoration or refurbishment, rather than risk extensive property damage or personal injury trying to resolve it independently. Some repairs and restoration best left to the pros include: Read More 

Turn The Page On Damaged Books After A Flood

When water fills your basement or home, speed is of the essence to save what can be saved. While most homeowners are focused on the big picture -- ensuring the home and furniture are quickly dried out and mold is prevented in them -- saving the small things can sometimes be overlooked. A collection of books, for example, can easily be overlooked or dismissed as not salvageable in the face of such a disaster. Read More 

Commonly Asked Questions About Removing Graffiti From Glass

Graffiti is a common form of vandalism, and it can ruin the appearance of your home or business. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to remove most forms of graffiti, but there are many people that are not familiar with this process. As a result, they may be concerned that glass with graffiti on it can not be saved. Luckily, this is far from the case, and after you have these two graffiti removal concerns answered, you should find this task to be far less intimidating. Read More