Ho, Ho, Help! Getting Your Gutters Ready For Santa’s Arrival

When contemplating the coming season and the inevitable arrival of Santa Claus, you may have overlooked something that could seriously put a kink in Kris Kringle's plans- your gutters. The gutters of your home serve a very distinct purpose: to guide water from precipitation, snow, and run-off from the roof and away from the house. This helps to prevent roofing issues later on, and curbs the risk of water damage to your home.

Poorly-maintained gutters can also wreak havoc when attempting to park a sleigh and traverse across the roof at night. Some things that you can do to better-prepare for Santa's arrival, and to preserve the integrity of your home's gutters include:

Keep dirt out.

Debris, trash, dirt, and leaves can accumulate in the troughs of the gutter, putting undue strain on the segments and increasing the chance of a leak. The weight of this trash and debris can also cause the gutter segments to break free and fall; this could be catastrophic, resulting in property damage and personal injury to bystanders, including Santa himself when looking for a place to park his sleigh. The best way to prevent this potential issue is to invest in guards to cover the trough and keep debris out.

Fix the sags.

When a segment of your home's gutter is sagging, it compromises the function and efficacy of the entire gutter system. Don't delay in fixing these sags and keeping the segments securely attached and connected to one another and your house. This could spell trouble if Santa finds himself needing a ladder to access your chimney, and relies on the gutter for stabilization. Always try to use the same holes securing each segment to the next, and caulk around the screw after it is secured to decrease the chance of it springing a leak.

Keep the ice away.

If you don't have adequate eavestroughing around the roof, the weight of ice accumulating on your roof can wear and damage shingles over time, resulting in costly leaks. This also increases the odds of Santa slipping on the slick surface and possibly getting seriously hurt.

A little preparation in the fall can help your home's gutters withstand the rigors and weather of winter. Be sure to address issues that could get worse, such as sags or leaks, promptly to avoid further damage and lofty repair bills later on. Don't let minor gutter maintenance be the reason that Santa misses Christmas this year! For more information about gutter maintenance, contact a business such as the Gutter Magician NKY.