House Settling And Mold – They Are Connected

Have you noticed the odor of mold and mildew in your home? If so, it is time for a mold inspection. During an inspection, the technician will look for mold growth in every area of your home. If mold is found to be present in several areas, your house settling may be the cause.

How does house settling lead to mold problems?

When a house settles, the foundation is compromised. When this happens, the home that was previously water-tight springs small leaks. These leaks allow water to seep into areas of the home and promote the growth of mold.

As the shape and placement of the foundation shifts, so does the house on top of it. This causes the windows to no longer be perfectly fitting and even the roof can pull apart in places. This is what will cause the mold growth on the upper levels of the home.

How can you identify house settling problems?

Mold is just one problem that arises due to the house settling. Other issues include:

  • Doors and windows that no longer open and close smoothly.
  • Walls in the basement forming cracks in the mortar.
  • Basement walls bowing.
  • Floors that are no longer level.
  • Gutter systems not carrying water to the downspouts because they are no longer tilted the right direction.
  • Decks or stairs pulling away from the house.

If you notice any, or a combination of these things, now is the time to act. The longer you allow the problems to persist, the more difficult and expensive the repairs will be.

What can be done to stop house settling and the mold problems?

House settling can really only be addressed and stopped by a foundation professional. He or she will have to find the cause of the problem – poor soil quality under the home, bad building techniques, etc. – and make the necessary adjustments.

In the meantime, a mold removal technician can begin the process of undoing the damage that the moisture has caused. He or she will locate all of the mold hiding in the basement, behind drywall, around windows and in your attic space. This can be a drawn out process if the mold has infested your home.

These are both serious issues that should never be ignored. Contact your local professionals to begin finding the problems and making the repairs that need to be made to maintain a healthy living environment and a sturdy home to live in.