3 Types Of Shower Doors To Consider

One of the hardest parts about remodeling a shower is trying to figure which type of shower door is the best option for your bathroom, mostly because there are quite a few different ones on the market. Each offers its own unique set of benefits and advantages. When choosing a shower door, you should consider sliding, pivot, and frameless shower doors.


Sliding shower doors are among the most common types of shower door due to the fact that they are among the least expensive options out there. This type of shower door typically consists of at least two panes of glass that are designed to slide back and forth along a track. One of the benefits provided by this door is the fact that it is great for smaller bathrooms.

With other types of shower doors, you will have to make sure that your bathroom is large enough to accommodate swing-out doors or pivoting doors. Unfortunately, not every home has a large enough bathroom to accommodate those types of doors, but a sliding door resolves this problem by not requiring any additional space beyond what your shower already uses.


Pivoting shower doors are a very versatile option that can allow you to create a shower that opens either in or out depending on your needs and the layout of your bathroom. These doors are connected to the shower on a single side, and usually incorporate magnets to keep the shower door from swinging open in the middle of your shower. 

This option can provide you with a great high-end shower design because the pivoting system can often allow you to create a shower with a much larger opening and doors than a sliding door. In addition, the pivot doors will eliminate the track that is necessary for sliding doors, which can provide your shower with a cleaner-looking and more aesthetically appealing appearance.


Finally, you should consider a frameless shower door if you want something that can make your shower feel quite open and large. The reason for this is that a frameless shower door foregoes having any metal or plastic frames around it when it is attached to your shower. This lack of framing means that there is nothing in place to block your view into or out of the shower, which provides the illusion that the shower is larger than it really is.

Another benefit provided by a frameless door is that is can be a lot easier to clean. With a traditional framed door, soap scum and other stains can gather along the edge of the frame, which can make it quite difficult to eliminate those stains.

In addition, a metal frame on your shower door may also require different cleaners as glass cleaner may not be strong enough to deal with any stains on the metal. With a frameless door, you can simply wipe the whole thing down with glass cleaner.

Speak to a shower door dealer or contractor today in order to discuss your shower door options. You can even buy custom shower doors online. A frameless door is ideal for creating a large and open-feeling shower that is easy to clean, while sliding doors are better for small spaces or if you do not want to spend too much money. In addition, a pivot frame is a great choice for those people that would like a larger than normal shower door, or if you do not want an unsightly sliding track for a traditional shower door across the bottom of your shower entrance.