Don’t Rain on Your Parade: 4 Reasons to Call In Water Damage Professionals

Water damage is something that can affect your home anytime, anywhere. Whether it's from a flood or a leaky faucet, the damage water causes adds up quickly. While you might think you can save time and money by cleaning up this mess on your own, you may only be creating more problems. Regardless of how extensive the water damage to your home is, the only way to ensure there is no further damage is by calling in the professionals. If you're not convinced you need to contact the professionals, consider these four reasons why you shouldn't attempt water damage restoration on your own.

1. Lack of equipment. While it is true that you can rent a machine to soak up excess water, you can't rent the proper equipment to tell if everything is truly dry. It might seem like carpets and fabrics are fully dried, but there could be leftover moisture that you can't feel with your bare hand. If the carpet and furniture doesn't try properly, it can lead to expensive mold remediation problems in the long run. Professional companies have special equipment to measure the moisture level and can tell them exactly when the drying equipment should be removed.

2. There's a specific protocol after water removal. Even if you think you can remove the excess water on your own, you're probably not aware of the protocol that comes after that unless you're a professional. Water removal is just the first step in restoration; after that, everything must be disinfected and treated with an anti-fungicide to help prevent mold from growing. Preventing mold is much less costly than removing it, which is just another reason not to attempt water damage restoration on your own.

3. You'll waste money. You might think hiring professionals is more costly than cleaning up on your own, but without the right expertise, you'll end up spending a lot more money. When you clean on your own, you'll probably err on the side of replacing many items instead of cleaning them properly. A professional company can ensure your possessions are dried enough so you can keep them and don't have to replace them, which will save you money.

4. You don't know how contaminated the water is. Most people aren't aware that water damage occurs in three levels according to where the water came from and how contaminated it is. A professional restoration team knows exactly what measures to take for each level of water damage. Failing to take the proper measures to clean up a specific level of water damage can result in your home becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Most water damage restoration companies have a 24/7 emergency line, so you can call as soon as the damage occurs and get your home cleaned up as quickly as possible. Find a company in your area, like All Care, to get started.